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Skippers Ticket EDU aims to provide up to date information on recreational skippers tickets in Western Australia in a clear, concise and unambiguous way. Since the implementation of the recreational skippers ticket (RST) in WA in 2006 by the Department of Transport, there has been a boom in independent operators offering RST training and certification. Due to lax regulations in regards to RST training, there is a varying standard of both training, and information, provided. Skippers Ticket EDU hopes to address the misinformation out there, and with policy changes pending for 2016, Skippers Ticket EDU will ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date.

This site has information pages detailing who needs an RST, the paper work required, what is to be expected in the RST theory exam, as well as providing a general FAQ page for any other RST questions you may have.

The coastline of Western Australia plays an immense role in our local culture and going to the beach truly is a way of life in the West. But did you ever want to go beyond the burning golden sands and water’s edge and actually be out there. Wether it’s cruising over to Rottnest Island in your 40 footer or just dropping some crab nets in the Swan/Canning Estuary in a tinnie, being out on the water is a fantastic way to really soak up all the natural wonders this state has to offer. However, as fun and thrilling as it is to be at the helm of any boat, large or small, there is always a risk that something may go wrong and may need to react. Would you know what to do? Do you know enough about boating rules and regulations to keep yourself safe and out of trouble?

Recreational Skippers Ticket

The introduction of the Recreational Skippers Ticket helps to ensure that all those in command of recreational vessels have shown they are competent behind the helm and understand the rules of water. Obtaining an RST is surprisingly inexpensive and takes very little time at all. Just a bit of self study, practice quizzes, a theory exam and practical assessment is all it takes to become a certified recreational skipper. What are you waiting for?

skippers ticket

Who needs an RST?

All recreational vessels equipped with an engine producing over 4.5kw (6hp) of power are required by the Department of Transport to be operated by someone with a valid Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST). But who needs an rst?

Only the person-in-charge of the boat (the ‘skipper’) needs to have an RST, but he or she must have it with them the entire time the boat is in operation. The skipper is responsible for what happens on the boat during the voyage, but this doesn’t mean that he or she must be at the wheel the whole time.

The minimum age requirement for an RST holder is 14 years of age, however the following restrictions apply.

  • A person over 14 but under 16 years of age are restricted to operating during daylight hours at a speed less than 8 knots.

If you have a valid interstate or overseas licence you can get it transferred. Training providers such as Perth Boat School and Skippers Ticket School Perth provide approved and accredited license transfer services on behalf of the Department of Transport.

For more information about boating rules in Western Australia, please visit the Department of Transports Rules-at-a-Glance website.

Recreational Skippers Ticket FAQ


What is a Recreational Skippers Ticket?

The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket is not a boating license; instead it is a certificate of competency for recreational boaters, requiring a one-off assessment of boating skills and knowledge.

Is the requirement for an RST actual law?

Yes. The Recreational Skipper’s Ticket was introduced under Regulation 47 of the Navigable Waters Regulations 1958 (WA).

Do you need an RST before purchasing a boat?

You can purchase and own a boat without already having a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket, but you must not be in charge of the boat while it is being driven in the water until your obtain your skippers ticket.

How long does it take to get an RST?

The time taken to get an RST is usually up to the individual. Most approved training providers can perform the theory and practical training and assessments in a half day. However, the theory and practical do NOT have to be done together. After all the assessments are passed the training provider will forward the details to the Department of Transport and issue you with a certificate.

Do I get my card straight away?

No. Upon completing the requirements for a Recreational Skippers Ticket you will be issues a temporary certificate of competency. From that moment onwards you are legally allowed to skipper any recreational vessel, however you must keep that certificate with you. Your paperwork will be submitted by your trainer to the Department of Transport and they will process your file and issue you a plastic card in the post. Waiting time can be up to several months, however, you do not need to wait for this card in order to skipper a vessel.

Can I use an interstate or overseas boating license if I am in Western Australia on holiday?

If you hold a skipper’s ticket from another state or country, and you intend to stay for less than 3 months, you will not be required to hold a WA Recreational Skipper’s Ticket (RST).

If you intend to stay for longer than 3 months, you will be required to obtain an RST.


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