Boat Launching Part 1

How to launch a boat

Boat launching and retrieval, and general boat ramp etiquette are not part of the recreational skippers ticket assessment criteria. Unfortunately, as a result, one only has to go down to a busy boat ramp on a Saturday morning to witness mild mayhem unfolding before their very eyes. With a concoction of poor training and zero patience, it only takes a few bad apples to make the boat ramp an unpleasant place to be. As a result, we’ve decided to make a series of short general boating tutorial videos on all aspects of boating, including boat launching. This is part 1 of our boat launching videos. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Youtube, or check back here often for frequent video tutorials. We are pushing hard in 2016 to increase boating safety and the general quality of boating and seamanship amongst recreational skippers by improving the quality of FREE training material available online.

Here we have a demonstration by Mike at Perth Boat School on how to easily an efficiently launch a vessel at a boat ramp without a jetty/finger.

Boat Launching Demonstration (without a jetty):


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